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The Raptor civilization was destroyed when the Stone of Death was accidentally sent to Earth. To correct their mistake, the Cosmic Overminds sent the Stone of Life to the planet only to nearly exterminate the Human civilization that had risen in the meantime.

The Stone of Life crashed into Lake Zaysan, turning its water into the legendary Elixir of Life and causing a vast jungle to blanket the entire planet.

Since then, the Elixir has been used to resurrect 1,555 of the ancient Raptors, causing mutations that altered their appearances and made them more resilient and better adapted to the new world.

The Raptors soon discovered Lake Zaysan, and their various factions have come to an unease peace regarding how the Elixir should be cultivated and distributed. This peace is tense because many believe that whoever possesses the Elixir has the blessing of the Cosmic Overminds and the right to rule the planet.


Phaze 1

Focus: Building Our Ecosystem

  • Mint Of geneziz raptorz
  • Ztaking Live: Earn $ELIXIR passively
  • Initial LP funding
  • Scaling team internally
  • AD-hoc parnership team setup
    • WL AUCTIONs and Raffles
    • Top tier reward systems for alpha hunters
  • Legendary Auctionz
  • Enter Metamorphiziz ztage
  • Unveilling of Mutants
  • Customize tokenomics model
    • Boosts and multipliers for multiple holders
    • cooldowns on mutations

Phaze 2

Focus: Building the brand and expanding utility/value mechanisms

  • IP Rights
  • Game integration
  • Cross chain partnerships
  • More to be announced


Total $ELIXIR Supply


Initial LP injection

100,000 ELIXIR

$100,000 USDC

Ztake Your Zaysan Raptors


* Must Hold 2 Raptors to Mutate *


Purchase Meteorite Shard

(COST = 420 $ELIXIR)


Initialize mutation

(COST = 180 $ELIXIR)


Enter Metamorphosis Stage




  • Total Mutant Supply 3110
  • No Cooldown Time For First 500 Mutants
  • Mutant Earns 1 ELIXIR per Day

Current and Future Utility

  • Access to raptors exclusive Alpha Channel and Ecosystem
  • Legendary 1/1 trait raffles and auctions
  • whitelist auctions for upcoming projects
  • Exclusive Digital/physical merchandise (limited)
  • Future Mint Pass (Top Secret)


There is a hard cap of 1,555 Zaptors. There will be 1,446 available to mint. We will be auctioning 10 Legendary 1/1 pieces on 10 separate occasions. The remaining supply will be reserved for Team, DAO and giveaway purposes (99 pieces).


It will be a whitelist only mint.

Our plan is to have an exclusive, organically grown community. LINKS WILL BE POSTED PERIODICALLY ON SOCIAL MEDIA.

Our "OZ" members will be entitled to 2 mints per wallet. Normal "ZOOMList" members will be entitled to 1 mint per wallet.